Myofascial Release , Sports Massage and Deep Oscillation Therapy in Dulverton & Barnstaple, Devon. 
Integrated Myofascial Release in Dulverton Somerset and Barnstaple. 
Myo- means muscle, fascia means - band. its a weblike,, three dimentional matrix, fascia surrounds, intertwines protecs and supports every other structure of the human body.  
Myofascial release ( IMFR ) is a manual therapy, like massage this therapy is growning throughout the world, its a form of soft tissue therapy which is quickly gaining recognition as the missing link in traditional health-care. 
Myofascial release works on the muscles and fascia of your body, giving fundamental, long lasting benefits. It causes fundamental long term benefits, change to your posture and physique.  
Clients always comment on how much taller they feel after the treatment, this is due to the long stroke stretching motions. 
Please note cancellations in less than 48 hours will be charged as the appointment could have gone to another client , thank you for your understanding . 
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