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Find out what people have been saying about Sharon Reed's Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy 
Sharon is amazing! I have suffered with a bad back for 30 years, and I have tried many different therapies. Since going to Sharon my back has been brilliant. I can do gardening, and all those other things that I previously avoided. Not only do I feel physically fitter, but I am feeling more relaxed, without carrying tension in my body. 
Shona, Instow 
I have Parkinson’s Disease and my body gets very stiff. Having regular sessions with Sharon has helped me to loosen up those tight areas. I always feel that I am in very capable hands as Sharon has such a caring nature and always gets to just the right points. 
Edward, Bideford 
You would have to go a long way to find better than Sharon as she is the best! I've had back problems for 10 years and have tried all different treatments but since I've been coming to Sharon it's been better than ever! Thank you Sharon!! 
Harriot Hyde, Barnstaple 
After 3 hip replacements on my left side over a 10 year period my legs were permanently congested and have had very little flexibility. 6 treatments with Sharon have helped a lot and I have more movement in my knees and ankles than for the last 25years. 
Heather Eva, Exeter 
The experience of having deep tissue massages with you has been unprecedented and extraordinary. I came with a back and a body falling apart and I feel I am 10 years younger. The work you have done on my back and on my calf has achieved results that not even in my 2 years in China I was able to experience. Thank you so much for all of this. And, as I told you, my final advice is for you to move to London so that I can continue experiencing this magic. 
Luigi Tedesco 
Sharon - My massage Goddess, Your unique magical fingers has changed my experience about massage and renewed my confidence in professional massage therapists. Your gentle but firm touch alleviated my stress and eased my aching muscles beyond my expectations, your soothing fingers sent me to sleep and I woke up fully invigorated. Thank you for being part of my NuBegginings. Anytime I have aches and pains remembering your touch will certainly ease the pain, thank you what a wonderful experience. 
Yinka, Ilfracombe, Devon 
I have been treated by Sharon Reed for a back problem. She has greatly improved the situation after only two sessions. Sharon has been in my experience, very professional and charming. 
Shirley, Exeter 
Hi Sharon, you did some work on my neck and shoulders about a month ago. Just to say that the difference is amazing. It was like my neck was in a clamp before. I have a lot more strength too.I will get back into my workouts now.Thank you very much. 
Richard Wallis Bideford 
Thank you Sharon for the most wonderful Deep Tissue Massage., I,ve felt so tense and tired for a long time, after I had the treatment with you I could feel the difference straight away my lower back feels more mobile, my shoulders are much more freer and I felt very light and refreshed. Definitely recommend you. 
Helen Exeter 
My longstanding IBS condition flared up this summer, with bouts of painful gut cramps which left me feeling weak and miserable. 
While casting around for a new approach, I discovered Sharon’s massage clinic, where she offers myofascial release as an effective therapy for various problems including IBS. Over a series of six sessions, at first weekly and then at increasing intervals, Sharon completely sorted out my problem. 
I really enjoyed the therapy sessions: it was sheer bliss to stretch out for an hour on a treatment couch in a sunny room filled with healing music, while Sharon used gentle sustained pressure to ‘release' my diaphragm and abdominal tissues and free up and relax my abdominal organs. 
Sharon impresses as a competent, effective therapist, a well-organised, efficient professional, and a warm, generous human being. 
(Alias) Ann-Marie, Exeter 
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