Myofascial Release , Sports Massage and Deep Oscillation Therapy in Dulverton & Barnstaple, Devon. 
Benefits of Massage Therapy from Sharon Reed in Exeter Tiverton and Barnstaple . 
Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy and Bodywork 
Stress is the constant factor in everyday living that causes muscular tension, which in turn results in tightness in the muscles, reducing the flow of energy through the body. This energy could be in the form of blood and oxygen, nerves, lymph supply and reduction in energy-supply leads to people feeling. fatigued, depressed tense and low in their mind, body and spirit. 
Some people look at having a massage as a treat or wait until their muscles are so tight before booking a session. Having just one session may not give you the benefits you require. 
However, if you looked after your body the same way you look after your cars and give it the right fuel in the way of healthy foods and have a massage on a regular basis as a preventative measure your body would thank you for it and work in a more efficient way and suffer less aches and pains. 
It is a sad fact that we tend to look after our cars better than we take care of ourselves. 
With all of the treatments new life will be brought to your tired muscles; easing knots and tensions, detoxifying, improving circulation, aiding posture, bringing breath awareness, deep relaxation or you can simply enjoy a pampering treat. 
At an emotional level these therapies provide caring and non-intrusive touch to soothe your mind and reduce stress and anxiety. 
To book call Sharon on 07980 956 324 
Massage Therapy from Sharon Reed in Exeter, Tiverton and Barnstaple Devon. 
To book call Sharon on 07980 956 324 
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